Beyond Fitness Training Program

Beyond Fitness is not a one size fits all solution but a transformative mind-body training program tailored to the whole individual. I get that that quick fix stand-alone dieting, weight loss shakes and supplements aren’t sustainable. And I also understand that generic boot camps or a gym membership on their own are not the best answer.

My philosophy is that fitness is not a journey you take alone. Even the best athletes in the world need a coach. And an empowering coach believes in us even when we may not yet believe in ourselves – they serve us by seeing beyond what we see as possible and guiding us through it. Real and lasting transformation occurs within and through this empowering and supported partnership.

I promise to walk beside you at every step of the journey as a partner and as a friend. I full-heartedly believe that health, fitness and fulfillment of mind and body are a natural birthright. I've been through the fire and am committed to help you discover and unleash what's possible through mind and body fitness.